Ivy Care

ivy careIdeal temperature for Dodd’s Ivy and Ivy Topiaries is 10 – 20 Celcius (50-68F)

Protect from frost and direct sunlight. Keep soil evenly moist. Never overwater or let roots sit in water. Mist often and wash leaves in a soapy solution weekly to prevent pests.

Dodd’s Ivy Topiaries are exclusively “whole” topiaries as opposed to “event” topiaries. The more desirable whole topiaries are produced using a single plant as the foundation of the Topiary, which is then trained to the particular shape as it grows.
Event topiaries are produced using two or more separate plants to create the shape.

To maintain the shape of your topiary, new shoots can be wound or tucked back into the frame or clipped back. Clipping new shoots will also promote growth and create a fuller look to your topiary or plant.